MindBody TV Podcast with Dr. Kim D’Eramo

MindBody TV with Dr. Kim D’Eramo “What Your Response to Coronavirus Has to Say About You” Podcast #179

April 4, 2020

During this time of global shift, we all have our reactions and responses. Some are in panic, worrying about all that's falling away; some are angry that others aren't taking this more seriously; and some are feeling the relief of slowing down, knowing a better world is emerging from this. I send an email to my community to check-in. The responses were a powerful reflection of who you really are inside. I read every one.

In this week's episode of Mind Body TV, we'll connect as a community as I share the themes of those responses and how to let this be a mirror for deeper insight into yourself. This is an invitation to let this experience assist you in emerging into wholeness through challenge.

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