MindBody TV Podcast with Dr. Kim D’Eramo

MindBody TV with Dr. Kim D’Eramo “How Will You Respond to This Global Awakening?” Podcast #188

June 13, 2020

Everything you think, do, or say has an effect, not just on your own body, cells, and health, but on everyone and everything, everywhere. Your choice right now to AWAKEN, or continue to react from conditioning is important.

When we act from fear and the idea that we are separate and must fight for what we believe in, we feed the very darkness we are awakening from. When we instead realize we are ONE with all that is, we can choose to live from UNITY and expand light. Either way, we powerfully affect the collective and everyone on the planet.

Join me for this week’s episode of MindBody TV to unveil the truth within you so you begin to expand the light you truly are for all beings everywhere and for the wellbeing of our future on earth.

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