MindBody TV Podcast with Dr. Kim D’Eramo

MindBody TV with Dr. Kim D’Eramo “Are We In a Disease of the Mind?” Podcast #187

June 6, 2020

Our current state of global quarantine mandated mask-wearing, and forced economic shutdown has many in an amplification of the fear we've already been living in for so long. We look to our government to lead us, follow instructions without knowing the full story, condemn our disobedient neighbor, and standby while information about supporting the immune system through non-medical means are being censored. Alternative medical associations have sent messages telling their practitioners NOT to share information about preventing viral infection and many highly educated practitioners feel powerless to share their wisdom. Are we a society that has forfeited our right to think for ourselves?

When we fear our own power, we give it to those we deep more competent. We become controlled by others in exchange for a false sense of security. What if the solution is right here within us?

Join me for this week's episode of MindBody TV for a shift from doubt/fear/powerlessness to CLARITY and EMPOWERMENT. YOU ARE THE MEDICINE! Reclaim your power and you will see the world awaken. 

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